Small pleasures in front of the city's most beautiful window.

Veneto cafe-restaurant has been running since 1996 and is located at a neoclassical building at 9 Epimenidou street in Heraklion Crete. It provides a cosy environment and offers food, drinks and coffee all day long.

Thanks to its position it offers a unique view of the fortress of Koules and the greatness of the Cretan Sea.Our intention was to create a simple but also warm and friendly place. Carefully selected music can be the perfect background for your friendly chats. Furthermore willing and friendly people are always ready to serve you.

A wide variety of drinks and fine wines is at your disposal along with a diversity of Greek and Mediterranean flavors. Authentic and well-balanced dishes tempt you to taste them and prove that cooking can be perfect in its simplicity.

Our gastronomic philosophy is clear. During our constant effort for improvement we do not compromise when it comes to choosing our raw materials. Out of respect for the purity of the Greek cuisine we make the best with fresh and pure ingredients, stemming from the Cretan land. Mister Takis cooks (with great care) aperitifs, main courses and sweets that promise to lead you to unexpected delights.